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DREAMaps Online

DREAMaps Online

Why we created it?
The main issue with many assessment organizations is they lack property data that is organized and accessible in one place. Often times GIS is under-utilized, CAMA tables are overly complicated, and documents are still being printed and manually sorted prior to map changes.

What it is?
DREAMaps Online (a cloud based offering) organizes all of the land records data including documents, maps, photos, values, and property characteristics into one accessible system. It’s the only system available that provides workflow management as well as variety of dashboards for the mapping and appraisal work of local government.

What’s included?
DREAMaps Online includes tabs for document management, reporting, GIS visualization and assessment analysis, workflow management, dashboards, and generating comps. The DREAMaps Online offering also includes a public GIS viewer (eMapsPlus) and parcel editing tools (DREAMaps Mapper). A powerful Admin module allows users to turn off and on features as needed as well as the ability to fully configure most aspects of the site.

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